A Meager Week

April 25, 2013 … (Delayed). 

Well, the entry was started April 25, then life interfered.  Admittedly it was late in the day.  Life continued to interfere.  In addition to the lady with lunch there was also the food truck due.  A decided fungus flare-up crept into the picture.  Now, things were bad enough that there even came an uncertainty about  whether the food truck was due this week.  The order was made out “just in case.”  It was a good thing it was done, too, as he did indeed come.  The biggest problem came with the computer going out — no connection all day.  Even the weather gadget jammed on their basic page.   So much for some plans. 

April 27, 2013. 

The computer continues to malfunction.  Some finagling may be needed to get this online.  The flare-up continues to flare, but seems to have settled a little.  However, things have been upset enough that one of the two daily vitamin pills was forgotten until evening.  It’s usually taken with lunch.  The scooter started looking low on energy.  It could probably last with careful use until tomorrow evening, but that would be pushing things a lot.  So, right now the scooter is also set up for re-charge.  That seems like it’s happening twice a week now, and that’s not good.  Thoughts go to getting another, but the greater need is computer.     

April 28, 2013 … (Delayed) 

Some of the day, of course, was spent trying to get internet connection.  A rare split second of it apparently came through as the weather gadget did connect long enough to pick up a weather forecast for their home connection of New York City, but there was not enough for anything until evening.  The brightest part of the day was that there was scooter power.  Friend stopped by as usual about lunch time and got a long list of stuff to get, which was, as usual, kindly done.  That is the business of an errands lady, which kind of person doesn’t exist within reach anymore.  At least the day ended on the happy note. 

April 29, 2013. 

Another week ends.  As can be assessed from the “Delayed” noting and some of the content above, there almost was nothing put together for posting.  In total, nothing much has improved.  The infection seems worse — variations in the weather don’t help as that takes constant attention to the the air conditioning and heating system which usually doesn’t get adjusted soon enough.  As usual, nothing much of any value got done.  On the bright side (there has to be a bright side, it just takes some thought), there’s food in the place, a roof overhead, a few dollars in the bank and a lot of people out there who are in worse shape. 

Perfect days have many facets. 


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