Not Being In Boston….

April 17, 2013 … (Delayed). 

The apartment management sent a notice that the refrigerator, which worked okay, was to be replaced today and everything had to be removed from the one in place.  Right?  And, there was a race to the office to see if the replacing could be done amid the housekeeping of the day.  The homemaker aide didn’t show, which led to another race around the place with a hope of finding a more able-bodied resident who would do it for a small gift like five dollars.  Mission accomplished by evening, but the extra running downstairs used up enough scooter power that the scooter had to be re-charged. 

April 19, 2013 … (Delayed). 

A powerful week it has been.  In addition to the upsetting matter of changing the refrigerator and the additional scooter re-charge (and the national news from Boston), the top air bed collapsed and had to be replaced, the three-way light bulb went out and much later the bulb in the smaller lamp used for the plants, most of the trash of course is still in the place, and the prescription for pills (because the infection situation got worse) got confused by the lady delivering same.  It is now Saturday night.  Friend came by and took care of the lights and got some groceries.  The pills are being taken according to a guess.   

April 21, 2013. 

It’s Sunday night and it continues to be an eventful time.  What was carried in today was some more “new,” a lamp and a table.  About three years ago there were two large table lamps (identical) to be set on the two sides of something like a sofa.  One got knocked over and it broke.  The place where it was has been dark ever since.  The plant gifts have been growing and had outgrown their “stand” (a large tub).  Both the lamp and the table have been mentioned in case anyone had time to go get same.  Someone finally did, unexpectedly, as she was shopping in the vicinity of said items.  They were dropped off this evening.     

April 22, 2013. 

A note came up on the computer screen speaking of a Trojan Horse, not the historic kind.  A scan would seem to be the thing to do.  One was started in the new security system installed a couple of days ago (highly ranked company).  Six hours later the scan was still operating.  Now, along with the scooter that again needed re-charge (there was little use of what was put in a few days ago), the swollen leg, etc., the common effort (surely it is) to follow Boston Marathon business (it ain’t all settled yet) and “smaller” things like lunch being late as the lady bringing it had to go to the doctor, it was anything but a manageable day. 

One can’t always take a lot of change. 


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