Another Seven Days In Four

April 10, 2013. 

The night falls quickly when you are busy.  Yesterday’s gone again, vanished in the concern about running the air conditioner already (yes, both yesterday and today and the place is only tolerable).  Housekeeping assistance came.  She is good in many ways, but not too much so in some.  Surprisingly, friend neither showed up nor sent a message about not coming.  One possibility, hospital, but one is staying at the office.  He would be hard to replace.  Fortunately for the moment there is no real shortage of anything, and the most immediate concerns are the doctoring nurse coming tomorrow and the food truck coming Friday. 

April 13, 2013. 

It’s been absolutely horrible for two days.  Almost exactly forty-eight hours ago the doctoring nurse came.  All seemed going so well she said there was no need to come back for a month.  The only instructions were to keep the swollen foot elevated to help with the swelling.  By afternoon there was a try, and almost immediately deterioration began.  Day and night, given maybe an hour, some disturbance — terrible itching, hunger, coughing, pain — demanded attention.  Yesterday morning even the pill was forgotten and actually getting up was near noon.    Note and money left for the food truck driver yesterday worked well. 

April 14, 2013. 

The “horrible” continued through another day.  As calculated out, the regular friend of Sunday and Wednesday visits was indeed hospitalized as of Wednesday for an operation.  It had to do with his heart condition; the details weren’t grasped too well.  He said he was  home yesterday, which seems terribly soon.  A lot depended on him and is now out of the question regardless of anything said.  If he wanted to get one small item, it was mentioned.  Although expected back with it, he didn’t come back.  So, it’s back to floundering around looking for help.  Maybe the new little plant  will get to the lady who helps with the plants.     

April 15, 2013. 

There were a couple of big surprises today.  The best was a supper well before midnight.  The air bed had to be replaced.  The building management sent a notice that the refrigerator was to be replaced on Wednesday.  There wasn’t a need nor a request for a new one.  Everything has to be emptied out of the one in place and put in the new one.  They gave hours of leeway and the freezer’s full.  It’s hard to reach that high from the scooter.  The housekeeping aide can do it all if maintenance will come in her three hours, but the office wouldn’t promise.  The new little plant went to the plant lady last night. 

Events have to happen sometime. 


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