A Week Too Busy

March 19, 2013. 

The day was pretty much wasted trying to get information out of people.  Little of use was learned.  The computer shut down completely and is surely on it’s last legs.  Fortunately someone had a good idea or there wouldn’t be any messages posted for a couple of weeks.  And, just because there is one here doesn’t mean any following will make it to publication.  One can hope.  There’s a nagging question as to whether the aide service will continue.  That time wasting got a little nasty and was with that agency.  The brighter side of things is simply things like there’s food in the place and the computer is working insofar as it might. 

March 20, 2013. 

They say it’s the first day of spring.  Never mind March 21 any more.  It’s been said as time passes the first day of spring is going to fall on March 19.  The 21st is just another bit of knowledge rather painfully learned by experience (probably taught in school, too, but it didn’t “take” then) that’s no longer a valid idea.  In the apartment underfoot it was a busy day as the homemaking assistant spent three hours doing things like sweeping the carpet and combing the hair.  She also went to the post office and the in house mailbox and got all the mail that arrived in the last seven days.  The world at hand feels a lot better.  She’s a good worker. 

March 23, 2013. 

A scooter re-charge is one of the most important things to do – scooter’s the substitute for walking.  Without it there’s no moving more than a few inches.  A re-charge requires hours of immobility as the scooter doesn’t move.  It was set up for the evening of the 21st, and it was guessed to be early enough for other stuff afterwards.  It wasn’t so.  The re-charge finished in the early hours of the 22nd, a day with a rare opportunity for bank business and a need to get ready for that.  Today was a rare “off day” for someone to get some high priced goods.  Scooter’s done for a couple of days, likewise the rest.  Days lost can’t be helped.  

March 25, 2013. 

Things are so bad that last night the door was left unlocked, although there was a conscious thought to lock it.  An alarm at 10:00 p.m. last night disturbed an unexpected drift into sleep.  The awakening brought to mind supper missed, the door, unwatered plants and seemingly a couple of little now forgotten things.  All were taken care of except the door somehow got forgotten.  The sleep must have been fairly essential as this entire day so far has been plagued by another round of a constantly dripping nose.  It’s just not possible to do much if every three minutes it’s necessary to stop for nose blowing activity.  It’s more nothing day.   

Some weeks get frittered away unavoidably.    


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