A Seven Day Week!

March 5, 2013. 

Apparently the year 2013 is finally established.  The medical appointment that was set up for this afternoon by some meddling by others was cancelled as the nurse practitioner is sick.  It has been re-set for Friday.  Fortunately no regular event is expected on Friday.  Once again that was learned by accident.  The day is “free” and maybe a few important things (like the mess down the chest) can be studied a little better.  In a true surprise, email sent to the social security office was answered and perhaps the money is in a better order.  That isn’t all, but the government decision about paper checks is now supposedly covered. 

March 6, 2013. 

The new “aide” came.  She’s more than a homemaker aide, she’s a nurse’s aide.  That’s the one bright spot in current events underfoot.  Although there were attempts, there was no progress on medical care or housing.  The condition is definitely getting worse, but the little lady did make some things much better.  A thing that was dragging along unattended is now attended to and should stay in relatively better shape.  It snowed a measurable amount in the area.  What all will turn up (or not turn up), however. is yet to be determined.  It seems like most important things are functioning more or less as normal.   

March 7, 2013. 

There was nearly a good hour of sit and wait on the telephone for a social security agent.  And, why?  Well to find out the telephone number whereby to get a live person with Direct Express, the government program for sending one their money.  The explanation that was enclosed with the card just gave a number for automated services.  It was the second such call since the first one a couple of days ago didn’t give out clear enough instructions.  They might be clear enough for some people, just not everyone.  Two hours at ten cents a minute is twelve dollars, but it’s cheaper than seventy dollars for taxi fare. 

March 8, 2013.  

Well, it’s Friday night.  The “doctoring” person came, didn’t do anything of value, said there would be a new person next time around as a new person would be covering part of the area she had and left.  That was followed by one of the “little” accidents that happen too often, and the cleaning up took so long it was not possible time-wise to be checking out some other medical services.  The offices were closed already.  They won’t be open until Monday.  The emergency room is getting closer with each passing day.  The scooter is low on energy again, and the evening and part of the night will be into re-charging — right after eats. 

March 9, 2013. 

Daylight Saving Time is again at hand.  The house clocks were never changed to Standard Time as it’s too hard to change back.  It may be changing that only happens twice a year, but it certainly seems like it’s every time one turns around.  Comes a time in life when it’s hard to just get up, never mind an hour earlier.  The depressing part about it is that it’s not likely to stop happening (and stabilize) in this lifetime.  There is one solution to dealing with the business, and that’s to move somewhere that laws have been enacted to not change the clocks.  There are such places; they would be seriously considered if life were different. 

March 10, 2013. 

Gratitude is something everyone should try to keep in mind.  Even if things are not going well, if they are going at all, that’s something positive.  While the “speed” of progress may never get better even if a few “ifs” are in place, things might go more smoothly.  If things are going at all at least one is doing something toward an end.  In some cases it is, therefore, important to be careful about picking out objectives.  It’s also important to be extra alert to opportunities.  The moaning and groaning sometimes spattered all over these pages are more a matter of simply stating conditions rather than a string of complaints. 

March 11, 2013. 

It’s 12:30 a.m. in this wonderful new time.  A few surprising events are taking place, one is the temperature outside according to the desktop widget right now, which says 62 degrees.  That promises another sweltering summer.  Another is that some supplies are not present as they didn’t come yesterday evening.  Sadly, that included medication.  While the suggested medication might not work at all, at least if it were around it could be tried.  The medical situation is bad.  And, what, exactly, to do about it is a genuine unknown.  There is no wish to go to a hospital for a couple of reasons. 

Wonders do come along. 


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