Still Hanging In Here

February 26 t0 28, 2013. 

The end of the month is being done in a post-date posting on March 2 as noting down the events, although sketchy already, may be important.   Wednesday morning (27th) a call about homemaker services revealed that the woman was also supposed to be present for an hour of personal care — arranged without the knowledge much less the authorization of the person getting it by the apartment building staff.  It wasn’t done.  The next day (28th), the date of the “doctor’s” appointment was changed, similarly without the knowledge of the person to be examined, learned the next morning (March 1) also by accident.  Astonishing….

March 2, 2013. 

Five days missing there, unavoidably.  It seems.  The doctor’s office is up in the air as no amount of calling yesterday (March 1) cleared personal care services with the doctor’s office.  At least the social security payments (not all money) is credited to the debit card established by the government and there’s a February check in hand and cash in the bank.  As usual, the computer is not working well.  At the moment that’s important as there may be need to find another medical office.  The food truck came yesterday, and there was a chance to get some rest today.  The most important thing is that scooter batteries were found online.     

March 3, 2013. 

There was a wonderful event this evening.  The scooter re-charger worked as it should, so it seems the scooter may be operational again.  That means it’s possible to get around.  It’s not absolutely sure, because it seems like the replacement batteries that died started re-charging all right at first, too.  It’s a positive sign.  The medical situation is not good at all.  There’s a horrible mess down the chest area.  The emergency room is seriously in thought and plans.  The old computer waiting for a chance to go to repair was brought back and will be put away with the hope of finding some means to get that done in due time.  

March 4, 2013. 

There has been no mention of airbeds in recent times.  Well, after something like four months, the small one used sprang a deflating something this morning.  A new one had to be set out.  Never before has one of the smaller ones lasted more than a couple of weeks.  It seems it held together just long enough.  More attempts were made to resolve the meddling carried on by the “activities coordinator” of the building at the end of February.  Some things may be in a little better order, but the important medical aspect is not.  Money isn’t lined up too well, either, due to the social security office. 

“Don’t give up” is frequent advice. 


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