Ending A Month

(Actual posting date 2/27/13 – no internet access 2/26) 

February 20, 2013. 

The place is cleaned up a bit.  The current homemaker aide is good.  It’s a rarity.  She said she would be back.  If she comes one more time, things can be in just a little better order, and it might even be in time for a peaceful adjustment to the changes coming in how social security payments are going to be made — a system radically different from what’s been done for more than a decade.  That will take some doing; it falls into play in less than two weeks.  two unexpected people came to the door, a lady from down the hall looking for  a telephone number and maintenance.  Maintenance had been re-scheduled and forgotten. 

February 21, 2013. 

It’s another case of waking up in the morning and finding that one is still alive, not with much of the motivation or energy of days long past, but still breathing and all that.  The directions from the doctoring person are time consuming.  The light bulb in the main lamp, a three-way that went out in one of it’s “ways” last night, needs replacing; but. it still works, so not right now.   The bulb needed is on a shelf that’s hard to reach.  There’s stuff to do, but none of it is desperately vital.  That’s wonderful as it provides an opportunity to be sick.  One doesn’t always have that chance even if one is sick.  Only children really have it. 

February 22, 2013. 

It was afternoon when it was remembered that February 22 was Washington’s birthday.  Some days stay with us well past their prime.  They kind of glow on the calendar.  And, that thought was followed by the realization that it wouldn’t have any such impact on anyone less than about 50 years old and American.  Such things cause people to be out of step with the drift of the rest of society.  It’s good that it’s Friday afternoon.  No one or no thing is expected to arrive for almost two days, which is time to find the real drift of society.  It is such times that it’s good to be near like-minded others even with nothing else in common. 

February 23, 2013. 

It’s Saturday night, which by popular acclaim is a “date night.”  Actually, any convenient time should be consider a time for socializing, but the point here is that not only are most of the old folks in the old folks’ home in bed already but any very remote approximation (like a bit of socializing online) is pretty much out of the question.  The computer arrangement is not functioning well enough.  At least it held together long enough for headlines, email and message boards.  Twice a day (morning and evening) is really enough.  It’s been another bad day otherwise as well — a noon wake up after being up most of the night, etc. 

February 24, 2013. 

It’s Sunday noontime.  The nose drips approximately every three minutes.  It takes time to blow it and clean the fingers used, so there are about two minutes to do something normal in between.  The computer hasn’t been connected to the internet at all for five hours as per the notation on the desktop weather gadget.  The only “work” possible is off-line.  There is the state of breathlessness in play.  So, what was accomplished in the five hours  since arising?  There was a cheese sandwich, three visits to the bathroom, needed change of clothing, a nap, email check on the mobile, and a note jotted down.  And, what happened to living life? 

Better late than never, they say. 


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