More “Not Much” Days

January 22, 2013. 

The holidays are now really over, and people should be looking ahead to getting back to work in some sort of routine.  The fire alarm went off three different times this morning.  Maybe people made it too hot in their apartments.  The temperature was being reported as less than ten above at mid-morning; the heating system didn’t stop.  The apartment underfoot was hot to the point where the heat was shut off until about sunset.  Before the shut off there was thought of calling 911 due to an inability to breathe.  Then the fire department would have come four times.  The need that surfaced today was energizing the scooter.   

January 23, 2013. 

It’s cold “out there.”  It’s not as cold as it was, but as it’s been cold for two days now the underlying heat in deep places is gone.  Fortunately for those needing people to do things like deliver stuff the area has little snow.  Food and cleaning help did show up.  Today thoughts drift not only to things like the ill left to die and the homeless unable to find shelter, but they also drift to those able to challenge the elements blessed with a warm house retreat.  Even shoveling snow can be fun if one is dressed for it,  does it in manageable amounts and has some hot beverage and an easy chair in a warm house waiting for the finish.  

January 24, 2013. 

There was a rare opportunity today to stay abed much more than usual.  There is a sneaking suspicion the medical problems are due in part to the inability to get enough rest.  Today a goal of three “hour or so” naps was met, specifically, before lunch, mid-afternoon and after a light supper.  The result as the witching hour draws near is uncertainty.  It’s as if some things are better and some are worse.  More study may be needed.  With much of the free time of the day spent in bed, there is little to show for the day.  Maintenance still hasn’t changed the filters in the heating system, so there may be little to show for tomorrow as well. 

January 25, 2013. 

It would probably be sensible to find out in the near future the arrangements in the office.  Twice now a person seen there is new, but she is not listed among the personnel on the monthly office newsletters.  There is nothing unusual about things being changed.  Even buildings are sometimes moved.  As long as there is enough in place to be able to follow the changes (and adjust), that’s usually enough; but, notification can help the interested.  Such just might have helped avoid a useless trip to the office.  It does take scooter energy to go there.  And, there are bigger problems around.  Tea sounds good, only there’s none at hand.   

January 26, 2013. 

Another day has slipped into the past with so many things (some important) intended but not done.  If it isn’t one thing it seems it’s another that interferes.  Today can be partly chalked up to the drippy nose.  The nurse practitioner said it’s a cold, but it seems like it’s never completely gone and the nose drips like a leaky faucet on food, table, clothes (anything underneath it) without nose wipe pieces stuffed in the nostrils to catch the drips, which makes it more difficult to breathe.  If one can’t breathe well, one can’t do much but pant.  That wasn’t the only delay.  Luckily nothing absolutely had to be done.  Time is going too fast.   

January 27, 2013. 

It’s Sunday night, and it’s dark out already although it’s only about supper time.  And, the days of Bonanza or whatever it was are long gone although some other people still watch television.  That was life for many years and it doesn’t seem familiar at all.  It should be easy to visualize it presently as the computer has no connection to the internet.  The cold is no better in spite of another day with extra “resting” time.  In other words, important stuff like putting away money properly still hasn’t been done.  There’s supposed to be an errands lady  in the works.  She didn’t make contact yet.  Given the homemaker aides, she’s needed. 

Hanging in there is  a job. 


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