The Onward March (Limp)

January 8, 2013. 

There is a moment or two now to write something.  Chances are there will be no moments to do anything extra tomorrow.  Word came at noontime that the arrangements for homemaker aide services have been adjusted from what was verified just a few days ago.  That means the plans have to be adjusted again.  Fortunately, nothing much was expected beforehand.  Sadly, this bunch is for more than just small helps for old folks, it’s for medical back up.  It’s good to know what to expect in the follow-up of something like a heart attack.  What has to be figured out is another scooter re-charging….   

January 9, 2013. 

Scooter re-charging, the big concern because it means being operational, is (at the moment) in progress.  There’s an hour on it.  From the looks of it, five hours can be gotten on it tonight.  That wasn’t expected.  It has to be done in parts, which isn’t good, but the idea in mind was to get started with it.  The substitute homemaker did show up okay.  Rug got swept and trash got hauled out.  The Social Security office is back high on the agenda.  The scooter re-charger doesn’t work right anymore.  There’s a green light and a red light.  If it’s the red showing, supposedly it’s re-charging, but the green doesn’t come up any more. 

January 10, 2013. 

A day of rest….  Actually, it’s more like a little breathing space in what is these days more or less a hectic pace that would take the full attention of a thirty-year-old.  It made sense to go downstairs.  The in-house mail might have messages from the Social Security office.  While there, it would be possible to ask about the rent receipt.  The money order for rent has a note saying receipt, please; but, usually there is none forthcoming short of a special trip to the office.  It can’t be asked for when delivered as the money order is supposed to be put in the drop box.  The lady wasn’t in today.  At least the scooter has energy.   

January 12, 2013. 

Yes, yesterday, the 11th is missing.  Yes, it do seem even these little snippets can’t be done daily, even when there’s no pressing business scheduled.  That is, there wasn’t anything to be desperate over, but this morning it was realized supper last night was a few pieces of candy.  An intent to get a sandwich later was never carried out.  Some Social Security business did get done, but there is more to do as a complaint has been sent to higher levels.  The problem in it is either incompetence of a substantial degree or extremely sloppy record-keeping as they keep insisting on stuff they already have. 

January 14, 2013. 

So, two days shot down somehow this past week, yesterday as well as Friday.  The going is not good this morning, either.  At about ten after 8:00 p.m. yesterday on the Daylight Saving Time clock a quick rest seemed essential.  It was only until about 8:30 p.m. (same clock) and a decision to get something to eat.  That was nothing but unfreezing a tamale ( three minutes microwave) and some slaw scraped out of a container onto the tamale wrapper plus some dessert.  It took until 9:30 p.m. (same clock) and there was no going farther.  The head’s not too clear yet.  And, it’s mid-month already. 

Sometimes it’s very good that the future is unknown.


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One response to “The Onward March (Limp)

  1. Ann Clough aka AmberAnn

    Nice to hear you are alive and kicking, if kicking is the right word and scooter works which means you can be mobile if you so wish…Keep warm etc…

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