Magic Word–Armenia?

For some unknown reason that name draws a foggy blank. It was today sitting in mind as a misty, white blob in the middle of a mass that would be something like the Eurasian continental mass.  It is a country, a small one, that is somewhere in the middle of that.  The size  (apart from relatively small), shape, background, a noteworthy element or two, etc., all sat as a total blank.  The United Nations list has something like two hundred counties.  Mental references (even locations on maps) can be conjured up about a good many of them, but today not that one. 

It came about like this:  there is an Australian man who decided to go trekking in former Soviet Union countries and nearby Islamic nations taking more or less a few current pictures of life and times there nowadays for posting in a weblog.  It was discovered about when he got to the area of that terrible nuclear accident in Ukraine.  “Hooked” is an apt description for yours truly. He went back home, all intended covered for the time being anyway.  The connection stayed connected. Evidently misplaced pictures of the country were found and posted.  

The  name was recollected, but what, where was it?   Everything was set aside to look at the pictures, which rather assumed the viewer knew something about the place.  More looking had to be carried out – a fast over-view today.  Completely, but completely, alien words about a couple of million people in some mountains, words too alien to even guess to something were there.  It must be for when a lot of time is available.  But, finally, one item was found by which to remember it.  It is said that’s where Noah’s Ark settled after the biblical flood. 

It’s never known what one can find. 


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  1. Michael

    Mt Ararat is in what is now Turkey, Carolyn. It was an option when we visited Turkey 3 years ago, (wow! Doesn’t time fly? It seems like last week!)

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