Yes, Christmas!

Dover Mini 1b - Copy  In accordance with the Biblical aspect of the December holiday season, one commonly presented picture on holiday greeting cards is an angel (or angels) notifying shepherds “tending their flocks” of the birth of Christ. The idea, although it has never been personally thoroughly studied, is a personal favorite and subject of much speculation. Maybe the most important part of that is that the shepherds were some people at work. It’s been said that in the absence of the shepherds (who went off to see the baby), an angel (or angels) watched the sheep.  The whole flock wasn’t taken along. 

In accordance with the spirit of the season, the above picture was the first image to be tackled for some “adjusting” in the meager collection so far gathered in the files of the computer at hand.  (Yesterday’s snowman was the second).  It doesn’t seem to be too bad, although far from what was hoped.  There is, thus, a touch of seasonal things.  And, in accordance with the new rule of life (do what you can if and when you can), this is being composed and posted deep in the early hours of a day (after midnight of the date shown).  A needed nap lasted about five hours. 

It was said the homemaker aide service might last as it had been running for two more weeks.  Yeah, well, not so.  Yesterday (as per the above date) the knock on the door came a half hour earlier than the last three weeks. She might show up at 10:15 a.m. again next week, but up coming are “legal” Christmas and New Year’s Day, so the activities will be some other day.  If it snows the following week, just as a good bet, she may not come because of the weather.  While erratic service is anything but unusual, it seemed proper to note down the current fact. 

Notations can have value. 


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