Problem Solved–III

To continue where things were left a month ago….  The Project can no longer be viewed as any kind of a job.  The bed bug “research” (that is more in The Diary’s Blog) can no longer be viewed as an ongoing thing. And, these weblogs cannot be on a regular daily basis. There isn’t enough power in yours truly to get it all done in view of seemingly endless events that turn up that manage to disrupt any plan of action thought out containing some degree of efficiency.  In modern day life it seems too many things readily fall apart, for example: 

It seems the homemaker aide service may have (momentarily) stabilized as near as can be determined. That is, a one person has shown up three weeks in a row at the same time on the same day of the week. It only took six months for this to be happening. It’s not a time or even exactly a collection of activities covered that’s of personal choice (with some things you take anything possible).  And, should it snow or some such thing, the young lady will probably not make it as her driving distance is probably ten miles.  It’s probable for two more weeks. 

Now, in addition to working around the likes of the above, there’s a need to work in new things. The free pictures in the email have often been moaned over, and it took almost the entire day from the middle of the night onward to achieve some simple “fixing” of a picture to have something seasonal here. While it has been to an extent figured out once, the results at this point are truly pitiful (that below is one of two done nearly but not exactly as intended).  A new rule of life that’s been decided on is, “Do what you can if and when you can.”    

A Dover Holiday 16c

A trouble with being old is that there’s not much time left….


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