Hello, Again

Sadly, it seems there will not be much “Christmas” here. The plain truth is, yours truly does not know how to work these systems well enough to be even changing the background without losing the one in place. That’s because the background’s taken from a picture that’s on the old computer that was fed into the space given by the hosting site in a format that had something provided to put there.  It was a thing adjustable, so it was adjusted.  If a new template is installed, it’s quite likely that the current background will be completely lost. 

A few pictures have been put into the files, but they need some fixing before any can be included in this text area. While that’s remotely possible, it’s very remote in actual execution as nothing of the sort has been tried with equipment in use at present.  About the only thing going that is seasonal is that it seems that there’s a measure of snow provided by the host.  That is not too apropos for a spring-like pond, but, then, it can snow on spring-like ponds. The matter is dis-illusioning to say the least.  Of course, there are still a couple of days to try something. 

As there has not been any commentary for a while, some “updating” would be in order. Well, not today. Just trying – that’s trying – to start up again is more than enough effort without trying to reconstruct things that personally (or otherwise) have happened.  Said “updating” may not come about tomorrow, either.  There’s a lot.  And, things happen all along, like the food truck was supposed to come but didn’t at either likely time, the second of which was today. So much for sausages, a luncheon mainstay.  Changes haven’t been all that nice. 

Picking up where one left off can be tricky. 


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