Problem Solved–II

To continue (this is part 2), “The Project” was initially envisioned as something in the way of a job – given some “right” circumstances eight hours per day along with all the standard break time, lunch hours and whatever else.  If that were the case, the thing might have been finished off in a couple of months.  That was not the case even remotely, and not just because of a lack of any computer skills.  In the beginning what was realistically estimated was something like a part time job of two hours per day.  And, computer know-how had to come first. 

Thanks to the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton county yours truly can get online and then some. Thanks to the Covington branch of the Kenton county public library (properly it’s the Mary Ann Mongan branch), there is an ability to create business letters (and more) as good as that of any youthful individual just getting out of high school clerical studies.   “The Project” did get a start.  Lack of an editor (or at least “critical reader”) created one hang up.  World interference created a second.  That doesn’t include the derailing by bed bugs. 

The bugs will be somewhere around – ideally at a distance, but probably not too far away – for the rest of this lifetime. An entire way of living is still in process of change to an unknown.  The world will continue to interfere even more so, if for no other reason, then the bugs; but, other reason is expected to develop, too.  As for an editor (or “critical reader”), that’s still possible, but finding one will not be easy – all aspects of the easy have already been tried.  As a song says, something has got to give….  “The Project” can’t be a time-set job.  (More later.) 

What seems easy can be complex.  


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