Minimal Accomplishments

Tomorrow is Veterans’ Day.  November has been here for almost two weeks now and there seems to be nothing to show for it.  In fact, there is a measure of falling by the wayside if you come right down to it.  This in spite of there being not only a homemaker aide (of sorts) once a week but someone more to do the errands. It was originally set up so that the homemaker aide did the errands, so now there is more time put into getting things done.  Even trips to the lobby and outside as in workplace break time have been practically cut out completely. 

This, of course, has been touched on before.  Some things take thinking, such as getting the check book in order. A grocery list takes even more thinking; it takes thinking ahead while the check book only takes dealing with numbers. Somehow thinking seems to be too much effort.  It isn’t that it doesn’t kick into play when seriously encouraged.  It’s that it doesn’t kick into play unless so encouraged.  A lot of times recently the only thing in mind has been to hit the bed for rest.  The time there soon enough turns into dozing off. 

It’s getting easier to use the new systems, but it seems that it’s still all confusing or at least not handled very smoothly and efficiently.  The only other thing that might have an effect on life and times is that it hurts even trying to stand up, the actually standing up never really taking place that well. In certain positions, like sitting on the scooter and working at the computer, existence is completely free of anything like aches and pains.  Well, regardless of being able to move around much, at least the scooter got a re-charge today.  It’s good for a day plus. 

A clear head is valuable.      


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