A Monday Again

Well, two big things had to be covered today, a scooter re-charge (three hours of near immobility) and homemaker aide service (generally three hours of scooting to and fro around the place insuring a need for a scooter re-charge). There’s a lot involved with each of those activities that would not be done like right now, only it is necessary to do them at the same time. Even if they are not full (as example) trash bags have to be tied up some in order to get the stuff more efficiently in the large bag that includes boxes, jugs, etc., that is hauled out by homemaker…. 

As yours truly is only good for one or two hours at a time, six hours, even if just three at a time, is overdoing it.  Thus, something like a commentary here can be started, but there’s a good chance it can’t be finished in any kind of a timely way (like now).  It would be nice if things could be figured out a little better.  Certain things have to be in play, however.  Things started off all wrong again as the lady showed up fifteen minutes early during a bathroom visit. Nothing else was ready either.  She got sent to the post office.  (Errands are not to be done.) 

The scooter is getting to be a real concern.  In all probability a new one is needed (or at least repair service is needed), and the manufacturer didn’t list the likes of any repair shop. Buying another one is not a big problem and may even be good, but it’s something else to occupy thoughts.  That is not good as other important things are forgotten, like it was forgotten to ask the food truck driver if he would be coming this Friday which is a legal holiday.  It might be worth calling, but first money (already paid) needs to be poked into the cell phone – just find receipt. 

Being alive is something. 


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