Ah! The Needs!

‘Twas a lovely day in Covington again – sunshine, temperatures into the 60’s(F), sort of gentle breezes and the like.  Sadly, there is not likely to be many more of them and in old age thoughts drift to the possibility that there won’t be any more of them at all.  Well, it’s true, especially if one is a bit decrepit. Given a chance at such, it made sense to take  time to appreciate it.  The window was opened to get in the spring-like air and there was a short time spent just sitting outside.  “Other things” have already been long delayed.

The friendly visitor came by, and that was appreciated.  It may not be something that goes on forever; but, it’s here and now and it does ease up on some concerns in regard to emergencies of any kind. The in house mail box was cleared out; the week’s advertising (again strewn about on a bench, the one in the entry way) was picked up. It’s a fat bundle in preparation for holiday sales. There was a dutifully proper pause at the “re-established for use” display bulletin board.  It’s in a dark, short hall corner.  It’s not possible to see the upper part from the scooter seat.

The best thing about the day may have been that it was possible to go downstairs with no concern about scooter power.  There will be some of that tomorrow.  At the  moment it’s too hard to think about things, it being late and getting chilly for the night. At times it is especially hard to think when what’s in sight is something not done of what really should have been done like yesterday. It’s easily seen as it’s in plain sight taped to the wall, sitting in the way and/or hampering activities immediately needed.  (At least one commentary is done.)

Why some are preserved can be a mystery. 


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