Woes Galore

Somehow things are simply not getting done.  Maybe the get-up-and-go is totally shot down.  A couple of favorite Thanksgiving pictures were found, too.  That is something that should have provided a boost after the disillusionment about the pictures.  It didn’t, not really. They have been used before.  It’s just that they are better than nothing.  And, so, what happened to the day’s doings from yesterday (Friday)?  They weren’t written, not that there was much to be written. The main thing on the mind was scooter re-charge (done today).  

Well, it’s been very hard to breathe.  The updated (or is it upgraded?) systems in play seem incredibly difficult to use, although different things have been tried to do something about things that seem to cause the difficulties.  And, of course the fairly recent matter of not being able to stand up is a serious problem.  Painful is an under-statement.  It’s not joints, but it is around the knees and in muscles that are needed to stand up. Changing positions doesn’t help; but, there are times that suddenly there’s no pain.  How and why has yet to be fathomed. 

And, enough of that. With the time change overnight, there’s a chance things will be different by tomorrow.  There are the small Sunday chores for tomorrow.  To get out of the apartment can make a difference, however, the “explosive” feeling that was present the other day did not exist today (or yesterday). On the positive side, yours truly has been able to keep up with a few things more easily than if by cell phone.  Maybe tomorrow the returns from last week’s errands can be sorted out, something in mind for three days now….

One needs to know in which direction to go. 


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