Not So Good

It was most fortunate that nothing utterly basic had to be done today.  Breathing has been particularly difficult for the last day or so.  Normally, when it comes to starting to pant, just sitting, counting deep breathes up to ten will juggle things to something more ordinary somewhere around the seventh or eighth breath. Once in a while it’s necessary to go to twenty; but, anything above that is some kind of a problem.  Well, it went up to a count of sixty, so some looking around, thinking and calculations were in order, in fact, needed.  

Although it took unnecessary scooter energy, surprisingly what finally helped (it seems) was a trip down to the lobby – a change of scenery if you will, not that it’s that much of a change of scenery.  Although a mass of fresh air may have helped (just opening the window, then the door didn’t), it seems it was a substantial case of “cabin fever” maybe along with air pressure.  It simply looked cloudy outside the window, but at the front door it was clear it was a good, solid rain, so much in fact that apparently no one tried to be outside or downstairs. 

That trip downstairs was shortly before sunset, which may have contributed to a lack of people (along with the new systems that discourage congregating). Only a woman who rather dislikes yours truly was seen, unavoidably, which didn’t help things.  She was on the elevator but only went to another floor. The bottom line:  there was nothing done beyond mere survival.  It used to be hard to walk; now it is even hard to stand up most of the time. On the other hand, there are odd times when, briefly, everything seems perfectly all right. 

Aches and pains come at any age. 


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