Things Can Be Better

The frequently moaned over free pictures of last year included a bunch of little, Tudor-style,  snow graced village-type buildings that could be cut from the page to add a touch of the spirit of the coming season (if nothing else, if time allowed) to the deathless literature here.  At least a charming image now and then to make these pages a shade brighter couldn’t hurt. Well, they are on the “old” computer, and yours truly is still trying to figure out a way to get them.  In fact, anything of the Christmas season is of interest. 

Because anything of the Christmas season is of interest, the point has been in the back of the mind ever since the “old” computer sort of died.  Given some recent concerns out of the way, something was remembered. Today it was checked out, and now there are three Christmas pictures on the “new” computer. It isn’t much or what was dreamed, but now there is a little something.  Possibly there may be something suitable found for Thanksgiving, too.  That has not been explored as of yet (maybe tomorrow). 

Today was peaceful, nothing hanging over the head that needed attention before a nap could be grabbed, etc.  The scooter got comfortably re-charged at a good, mid-afternoon time.  The visitor came at a good time, too.  A perfect day?  Why, of course not.  In need of a picker-upper, there was a trip to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee a few minutes ago.  The jar hit something, popped out of hand and landed on the floor.  Only about a heaping tablespoon of coffee was lost, but it is beside the point.  Something went wrong, 

One should do what one can. 


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