A Pretty Good Day

The big chore of the day was to pay the rent for the square feet underfoot for the month of November, not that the very last phase of that’s unusually difficult in a way. Without the scooter it might be an all day affair; but, with the scooter it is a simple matter of finding the money order (there’s no regular place that it is kept) and scooting down to the office to hand it over. Often it’s put in an envelope first to keep it nice and in case it needs to be deposited in the payments’ slot.  Scooter has to be in working order.  Receipt has to be requested. 

Three other chores developed for the day.  The light bulb for the kitchen burned out again.  There needed to be a request for maintenance to put in another.  That meant being “operational” until he was done.  The trash hauled out yesterday by the homemaker aide included the soft drink can where the cigarette butts go and another needed to be fetched from the vending machine in the basement.  Lastly it was said a person was seen putting something in the display case bulletin board (one with a glass cover) back in a corner.  A look-see was advisable. 

All of the above could be finished in one trip and a half of an hour except waiting for maintenance.  He came before mid-afternoon and brought a bulb, a different kind to try. The receipt was under the door before the end of the business day, a rare thing.  Two new notices were in the display case.  Evidently that will stay.  A locked board gets notices if the office staff puts them in; the two new do suggest useful things will get posted. Things went well until the tv dinner box was opened and the entire film covering was found smashed apart. 

Perfection is in another world. 


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