Some Scooter Business

The most important thing of the day was the seemingly endlessly repeated chore of re-charging the scooter. To put it into perspective, for a degree of certainty in being able to get around, because there’s no walking around at all, the scooter is needed in an operational state.  To keep it that way, experience has shown that it needs to be re-charged two or three times a week.  It takes several hours.  It isn’t possible to do it overnight due to a probable need to get to the bathroom at some point.  Having another scooter would be a good idea.  It’s just not arranged yet.  

Even used sparingly or with attempted planning is ineffective.  All it takes is one unexpected use to throw things into disorder, such as the need to chase after the pizza the other night or the unexpected meeting called by the management of the apartment building last Thursday. The mechanical contraption (rollator) is very difficult (not impossible, just difficult) to use from a sitting position. It “runs” on foot power and needs some maneuvering to change directions. There’s not much foot power these days, so it’s slow going. 

In order to set up one of the re-charging sessions, certain things have to be lined up.  For example, since three or four hours have to be allotted to the activity, it’s to be set up outside of something like a visitor coming for any reason. If nothing else, it’s necessary to go to the door.  It’s possible to eat something already fixed; but, it’s not possible to be fixing a tv dinner or some such thing.  If it’s sunny out, regardless of the season, the sunlight heat coming in the windows is a concern. It can consume the free time of a day, and it did. 

Medical concerns can be very annoying. 


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