Personally Speaking….

‘Tis a Wednesday night.  That’s just about mid-week and a time for a sort of a lull in much of the business world. And, it would seem all is in order in that world for the moment.  A human needs food (and water), clothing and shelter firstly. They seem to be lined up well enough, thanks to Virginia’s “erranding” this afternoon, that is, there are a half of a dozen frozen dinners in the freezer (and three gallons of water on the floor).  There wasn’t a desperate need for fresh duds; but, she did line up the shelter with money orders for the rents for the coming month. 

One of the things brought in was orange juice.  There is almost always some kind of juice around, but it hasn’t been orange juice for quite a while.  Vitamins are on the mind, and orange juice contains an important one. Possibly a new item in the stores is some oatmeal cookies with raisins that were on sale.  There are some of those at hand, too.  Raisins are supposedly good for people, reportedly high iron content.  Last night’s pizza, some of which is still around, had a lot of olives, food that’s also supposed to have something special in it. 

As it seemed like there was no immediate reason for concern on the fundamental level (although there are many concerns to be found beyond the apartment door for many people), and part of an hour was free to do something extra, some time was spent in a look through blog templates in the hope of finding something that “felt” less like April.  If there’s something there, it hasn’t been found yet.  And, it is not possible to do anything like create something out of the pictures again due to none having been installed yet.  There are two templates for December….

At times one needs to say, “Please ignore….” 


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