Pizza Change Of Pace

It’s late and yours truly was sitting here waiting for a pizza. It wasn’t as if no food was in the place.  Four stuffed peppers, a pot pie, drumsticks, little sausages and more sit in the freezer. That’s beside the cheeses and potatoes….  Furthermore, a round of errands is scheduled for tomorrow.  Even if for some reason that failed to take place, the food truck is due on Friday.  It just seemed to be time to order a pizza.  A medium with about eight toppings on it is good for maybe three meals under ordinary circumstances. 

A pizza is something different.  As much as little sausages are a delight, they can get tiresome.  As much as stuffed peppers are a favorite (and they are), they can be for anytime as long as they are frozen, and that should be a special time. And, the drumsticks are part of a whole bag of drumsticks.  It took fifteen minutes or so to get through to the pizza house – on a Tuesday night.  After being assured it was not such a busy time that they couldn’t handle it, they got an order, and the man sounded as if he was writing things down very carefully. 

That’s the way it was almost an hour later when a cigarette was lit.  Right then an attempt was made to call upstairs from the entry way.  As the cell phone isn’t on the list in the office, it’s not possible to use the system.  An attempt was made to crush out the cigarette.  The scooter was directed to the lobby, which had no one waiting.  Delivery person had gone to the wrong apartment then left. Eventually the pizza was gained and the apartment didn’t catch fire. Today homemaker aide agency business was also unexpectedly checked. 

There are times when things don’t work.     


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