Maybe “Adrift” Is The Right Word

The day started badly with a common inability to sleep through the night. It also continued badly, due to the homemaker aide business.  She arrived at 11:00 a.m. (yours truly was not ready for housekeeping). She was brand new with the job (it makes four different women in four weeks, three needing an explanation of what to do and a tour of the place to the point of being able to get to the dumpster, the laundry room and in two cases the community telephone in the lobby).  The tour took scooter energy, so there’s a need to re-charge it. 

Although there were a couple of other things that didn’t go well, there’s no point in dwelling on all that’s wrong.  There’s always something that didn’t go well.  At times there is a pause to recall other times and a wondering if there will ever be a chance to do something like a little sewing again.  Well, it’s possible if something else is ignored; but, what can be ignored?  The top thing taped to the wall to be a constant reminder in full view is a notice that the social security office is phasing out paper checks (the current choice).  Even that hasn’t gotten attention.

Across the top of form being used to do this there are a bunch of things that were not a part of the form on the old computer.  A lot of it is not a totally alien world, but there is enough there to be uncertain as to what might turn up in the finished state.  It’s not even possible to use the old format as the hosting site has phased it out.  At least that’s what one of their announcements said; it hasn’t been tried.  It was really suitable for pictures (there aren’t any at present) and seemed to be an absolutely perfect thing for an old peasant (maybe they’re obsolete). 

The world is always going some place. 


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