What Daily Proceedings?

It is assumed most people have daily routines.  (There are also weekly, monthly, etc., things done, but that’s beside the point here.)  A “daily routine” here means things like let the dog out or wake the kids and get them off to school, get to the office/factory or whatever, check the day’s mail…. A daily routine is a/the basis for getting something done.  It, of course, varies from household to household, time to time, person to person, and so forth, depending on what responsibilities are there, what goals might be an objective and individual factors. 

A key element in the apartment underfoot is that no routine has much chance of being established.  …Which is maddening.  One problem is the homemaker aides business. The aides are needed.  One problem with the system is the agencies are trying to maintain service with part-time workers, in a sense needed as the work isn’t always constant.  While neither the errands lady nor the agency referral one is around more than about two hours per week preparing for one and recovering from the other takes most of a day, which day is never certain. 

Today being Sunday, with the scooter battery having been re-charged last night, the only things mentally lined up were the trip to the lobby to clean out the mail box in the building and to pick up the weekly advertising packet at the door. The friendly visitor comes on Sunday.  With a prior commitment at present, he came early.  It turned out okay.  There was a “sit” outside as well, and a detour to pick up something different from the machines in the basement.  In the process it was learned the new ownership ordered the bulletin boards scrapped.  It’s not good. 

Things are changed to suit objectives. 


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