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There is much talk these days (and in the past in some places) about “ebooks” or to be more exact, electronic books.  These, of course, are supposed to be entire books that someone  can download and read on computers or similar devices at this or that cost….  The reality of life is, libraries have had downloadable ebooks for some time.  If one has a library account, one merely goes to their section for such things, downloads the book or books for the usual two or three weeks that’s the established borrowing time, then it disappears.  There’s no cost at all. 

It has to have been at least four years ago when yours truly explored this matter. One thing learned was that different libraries may very well have different books partly depending on what library group was joined. The ebooks of the Cincinnati library aren’t the same as the ebooks offered via the Kenton County library. The two are part of a consortium, but the ebook services were negotiated in different groups.  With library cards for both (which is common in the area), a patron has access to just loads of books. 

Unless a book has some important reference material, there’s really no reason to keep it.  Furthermore, a computer only has so much space.  It doesn’t seem like a person who knows about such things would go into buying a lot of anything to do with the general idea. Actually, the book downloaded four or whatever years ago was never read, and it dutifully died away.  This “new” computer has included in it’s works something about ebooks sponsored by the computer company.  It just may amount to nothing, but there is now a personal account. 

It’s usually wise to look around.  


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