Hope Springs All The Time

A connection has been given again to yours truly (at least for the moment); so, a chance for a few more words exists.  At least at this starting point there is not too much in the way of dancing around by the mouseless cursor.  Therefore, until an ordered dinner of tuna fish hoagie and onion rings arrives, maybe there will be a chance to get some of a day’s commentary written. (At least it’s worth a try.) The stability is not all that great (a paragraph disappeared), but it is much improved, somehow, in comparison to the last message. 

Today was a collection of changes of plans.  The errands lady wanted to come on Monday, and that was thought out.  Today she remembered an appointment she had to keep on Monday, so that had to be re-thought.  It may be all right, but the water and cigarettes are not going to last until she’s able to go unless they’re used very sparingly or unless something can be figured out.  There is figuring.  A trip to the office for some information found the office closed, which naturally used scooter energy, but with errands another day the information isn’t needed yet. 

An unexpected knock on the door was someone looking for religious affiliation, a church census, the man said.  It would be interesting to know if the church had permission from the management to go door to door. It was carried on by one of the people who live in the building.  (There was a chat about religion.)  There are invitations at times to go to religious activities from several different churches, and there are a few services (like food pantry food) from a couple.  They do help some of the residents a little, especially if they are members of that church. 

One can be grateful for unusual things. 


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