Maybe In Gear Again

If things are back in gear, it’s only minimally.  Actually, there was an attempt last night to get things going here again, and about ten minutes into the matter, about how long it takes to get set up and get a sentence down, the electric power for the entire area went out.  The place is all electric. There was no electricity for a good four hours.  (Dinner was cold, leftover lasagna. The hungry eat anything.)  There are things like that which make people like yours truly wonder not just if it is the right way to be doing something, but if it should be done at all. 

The non-existent electricity has not been the only concern, of course.  For some unknown reason, the equipment seems to be unstable. It’s practically impossible to type anything without having the letters land just anywhere in what’s done.  It is very slow going watching everything.  It is not just the blog program, either.  A website with only a couple of links can go every which way.  To make it all worse the new systems are terribly unfamiliar.  There has, as example, been no attempt to download any of the free pictures in the email.  It’s unknown territory. 

All of that (and, it’s not complaint at all) is in addition to the “regular” (constant) problems. Physically (again for unknown reason) there is a real inability to walk these days. In fact, it is not even possible to stand up without something to hold onto for support.  Part of that is the old inability to breathe easily. Part may be a matter strained muscles (one in each leg in different places) based on long time sitting. Regardless, even with the scooter, getting around is slow and complex at this time, more so than it was before.  Activities are very limited. 

Sometimes there are always new concerns.


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