It’s Another Day

The hallway internet access is yet to be tested.  It almost got tested this evening. However, something kicked in and the connection picked up again, so that is yet to be tried.  A number of other things are also yet to be tried.  Meanwhile, things like what free pictures there are still sit in the email….  It’s nice that the hallway procedure is not needed presently as it takes time to scoot down the hall.  It is nearly midnight, and yours truly has a yen to go to bed.  While it’s true the day’s commentary could maybe have been started earlier, it wasn’t.

There was no homemaker aide again today, however, the assigning agency was called (not emailed) this morning.  Such was promised for tomorrow afternoon.  Since the trash is piling higher each day, that’s good.  Although apparently it was a relatively nice day, there was no lobby/outside trip. Somehow the opportunity vanished amid an unexpected session of not feeling too well. A mid-morning nap after a relatively inadequate night turned out to be twice as long as expected and there were a couple of notes that needed to be written.

Come Friday (as has been mentioned somewhere) the food truck is due. With the homemaker aide due tomorrow, there’s not going to be too much free time for a few days, especially since the woman coming tomorrow is a substitute. What was said about that was that she was “sort of” a supervisor.  There would be someone assigned regularly, and that person would be coming on Monday.  Well, three of the agencies around have been tried already, and none of them are very good, so that part of life is “do what you can.”

Retirement can be full of  idiotic problems.  


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