A Saving Of Money

More or less the telephone has not been used since the computer arrived. It may have been used last Monday morning as said arrival wasn’t certain and there was a wish to know what was going on in the world.  It may even have been used one other day; but, yours truly sat here today thinking that there was savings of five dollars because the telephone wasn’t used.  The money is not all there is to it.  In order to keep the telephone operational, there has to be money pre-paid into the account and someone has to go do that. 

This became matter for serious thought because no homemaker aide showed up today.   One thing that can be done under the circumstances is call the agency or the assigning agency to see what the deal is. That could be done at the cost of the connection cost plus time or it could be done at the cost of scooter energy going to the lobby.  Neither idea was appealing.  Another thing that can be done is just sit and wait to see what happens, i.e., who shows up if and when.  The third thing possible is to email the assigning agency.  That’s free. 

In order to email the assigning agency, it’s always necessary to find a letter from them to get the email address.  The last one received is always left in the inbox. Now, it’s been so long since anything was done about the email that the last letter from the agency was about four pages back.   If any more came in, it would have to be found again.  It was best to get rid of some of the email. It took hours to get that last letter up to page two – maybe eight hours with a few breaks.  The email has yet to be written….  At least the stuff’s in better shape. 

Money is a strong incentive.   


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