Day Three….

It would be nice to know more about these assorted new computer systems.  It would also be nice to get into the email and look over the pictures there, so the background here might be changed from an approximation of April showers. Of course, the holiday season is about here and the host has a nice Christmas thing.  Once again yours truly started out using the wrong template.  And, a something happened to cause all the font, color, etc., stuff to vanish while The Diary’s Blog was being written.  (Apparently it did publish okay nonetheless.) 

As expected, no homemaker service showed up today.  The scooter did make it through the morning and most of the afternoon.  A trip to the lobby was sort of essential to clean out the in house mail box.  The grocery advertising was picked up as well, although there’s no trip anticipated for this week (food truck’s due on Friday).  It’s good the advertising was picked up as it runs for two weeks again. It may be the grocery company really is changing some systems.  There was even a newspaper article about limits on coupons. 

Anyway, the computer systems businesses (such as the vanishing act) are a mite unsettling, and things are proceeding on the hope it will all work out okay.  The ordinary living situation is still up in the air.  The apartment building’s staff was working today, or at least it looked that way (another inspection is anticipated).  The day was pretty and it was nice to just sit outside looking at the bridge, river, and other stuff around for a ten minute break.  And, just a little more was done in regard to putting away the things hauled in last week. 

There are moments of peace. 


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