Day Two….

As already mentioned, everything is different nowadays.  Thus, it is nearly 9:00 p.m., and yours truly is sitting here wondering how to handle things. One need in the works is/was a scooter re-charging; but, exactly how bad that situation is has been unknown as there was no trip to the lobby or outside today. It looks like it’s bad enough for a session. As that was about to be set up, it was seen that a couple of messages from the computer company had arrived. This is something entirely new.  By the time that was figured out, it was too late to set up the scooter. 

Fortunately there are some potato chips and the like right handy as the evening meal also figured into the planning.  The thing to work around at the moment is the computer connection.  If the connection fails – the computer had to be shut down for the updates from the company – a trip down the hall has to be done on the scooter not only to get there but for sitting.  A conclusion:  first compose this earth-shaking commentary and get it posted.  Then see about some grub, even if it is midnight.  And, hope the scooter lasts until mid-morning. 

The friendly visitor came by at noontime to see if there is still life in the place. It was again mentioned that “the Methodist lady” got to the need first when it came to the computer.  Amid the precarious homemaker aide services recently, he has brought emergency gallons of water and some alcohol, so this isn’t to be taken as a genuine put down on Catholic helpfulness.  It is just a little bit interesting to be mentioning it.    And, if there is no homemaker aide tomorrow, it being a holiday, that part of re-charging the scooter won’t be a problem. 

Old people need something to keep their minds occupied. 


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