New Computer, New Era

This is called “back online.”  And, about the only thing that’s the same as before is the electricity.  And, it even started out wrong with typing in the wrong blog as the form (template) used before (which would have to be reset to be using it) was blackish, not the blue watery scene in the background.  The headers are missing, too.  A little can be guessed at from the word count, but it’s very little because it wasn’t word count but number of character spaces that was the guideline, which were never counted.  That is not all to confuse things, either. 

In addition to other things, there are no pictures which might be added. The free emailed pictures are on the other computer.  There is no way at present to copy anything other than what might be sitting in the week’s email.  More important, a few finished messages are sitting in draft on the other computer, including a big, long thing for the third weblog, the family blog.  It seems possible the words can be hand copied; but, it will take some doing as both computers have to be set up somehow next to each other. 

As for life at present in the old folks’ home….  It is Saturday night.  There’s food in the place, and the rent’s paid for the rest of the month.  Yours truly has been having a lot of trouble just standing up apparently for a combination of reasons not yet really sorted out.  Homemaker aide service is still in effect; but, there is to be a new person next week who will arrive on some unknown day.  The most recent one had been showing up sometime on Monday or Tuesday.  Monday’s a holiday.  The replacement might show up on Tuesday. 

One has to start ( and re-start) somewhere. 



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2 responses to “New Computer, New Era

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Hi glad to see all is wise that is..hope you yourself are keeping as well as one can.x

    • Hi, again, Ann!

      Thanks, as usual, for commenting. All does seem to be working to some extent computer-wise.

      In regard to health, I’ve fished out a couple of health-related sites to go looking for information. While Americans don’t have a National Health Service, there are such things as a health library put up by the government where people can look up things as well as private, well-known things like the Mayo clinic. I may go into that sometime somewhere for the British (and others).

      Carolyn 🙂

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