Synopsis 2

So, anyway on August 31, 2011, this was left with Rick dying and a bunch of stuff coming up, apart from yours truly not doing very well (and still not doing very well on September 4). A food truck (not the regular man) did come that Monday as did the homemaker aide as anticipated.  She did did manage to get everything cleaned up.  So, amid making room in the freezer for the food and packing trash to be carried out, in mind there was coming inspection and an agency appointment time. (The obituary wasn’t found until Tuesday.) 

The appointment was re-set for the next Tuesday (the 30th).  And, on the 23rd, hearing noises in the hallway, the door was opened to see what was happening.  The inspection team walked right by. As Rick had not been heard from for a couple of weeks, hunch lead to checking the obituaries. (That was the same day the earthquake hit the east coast.)  The obituary needed posting on a message board as it definitely was not expected so soon.  There was experimental treatment in progress.  The errands lady was called, too.

Wednesday, there finally were shades of peace for the moment. No lobby trip was attempted.  A grocery list was needed immediately, the scooter needed re-charging and the friendly visitor was due to be stopping by.  There was news on Thursday from Virginia.  Over Labor Day weekend the family was scheduled to leave for Georgia. She could go shopping again in three days or ten days.  And, more important, her car was beyond repair.  With the homemaker aide on Monday and the agency on Tuesday. no errands for ten days.

There are times to start all over.  


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