More Adjustments

So it’s a Thursday.  And, again, things are being re-constructed via notes jotted down.  This time said re-construction is being done on August 23 (didn’t get far August 22 :-)). Three items happened for sure.  The most important in one sense was the attempt to change the appointment time for the annual review of the lease.  The office staff person taking care of that was off for the day.  Medical stuff is growing in importance.  That was addressed.  Lastly, errands lady, Virginia, had to be called.  That’s all per the notes. 

Firmly establishing the tentative errands time for tomorrow (Friday) was easy (and quick) enough, the big list not so quick especially as the start time was set for 10:00 a.m., necessary since the car (van) was needed by Virgina’s mother. As for the office appointment, for the moment the boss lady was supposed to leave a note. However, the appointment needed to be re-scheduled so, back to the office another day.  Of course, every trip down to the office uses a bunch of scooter energy…. 

Medically speaking, yours truly could use a check up (at least). But, trying to line one up has been an impossible task.  For starters, the clinics want appointments.  How can there be an appointment at all when this turns up and that turns up again and again? Then there’s the matter of getting to an appointment even if there is one.  Mere transportation isn’t a problem – a taxi goes when called and to any such thing.  The problem is getting to the door without the scooter. A promising site called Medline has been joined.  Maybe it’ll help. 

Figuring things out can be complicated. 


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