So, it’s a Tuesday.  The day (only) came as expected.  The events were expected, but not exactly as they happened. In a sense it’s a good thing the homemaker aide came a day earlier than expected (technically, but probably not the way it will be henceforth), since it was decided by maintenance there was time to fix all the stuff that was found in the recent inspection, not just in the place underfoot but in other places down the hall.  He conveniently arrived as yours truly was occupied in the bathroom…. 

Now, maintenance knows not to rush into any apartment, so about when he entered there was an exiting the bathroom, and it worked out fine.  In fact, it all worked out fine.  He brought new buttons for the heating and air conditioning unit. That now only requires gentle pushing rather than a hammering.  He fixed the garbage disposal, it is assumed.  That isn’t used; but, the law requires it.  And, most important and not on the work list, he fixed the mis-aligned toilet seat.  (It wasn’t really bad.) 

While happily the inspection business is out of the way for a couple of months (there should be one near the first of October), housing itself is not, as the office set up the annual review for next week on Tuesday. If the homemaker aide shows up on Monday again, there is no problem beyond gathering up the needed information.  (If….) So, life continues in a disarray hampered by immobility during the re-charging of the scooter, etc.  The lobby trip may be skipped if really necessary.  Fortunately, there is not yet a food concern. 

Retirement isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. 


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