Strange Exhaustion

Practically nothing was done all day.  There was an early trip to the lobby and the outside world.  The friendly visitor was supposed to be stopping by sometime around the noon hour, and there was no desire to run into a situation like last Sunday when yours truly was not somewhere to be easily found. The thing was to get downstairs at least an hour earlier than usual and pick up the weekly package of advertising. Something for breakfast for a few days (at least two) had to be fished out of the machines, too. 

The first surprise was that the grocery ad is for two weeks.  That is highly unusual.  So, something is in a state of change.  The second surprise was that it was chilly outside, like autumn.  There’s a point about having the air conditioner running so the apartment is cool at the return.  Well, no need.  The third surprise was that there was a lady out there who actually said something worthwhile.  She was at the door sitting on a rollator watching people move stuff for her. At a pause there, she asked where the scooter was purchased. 

For some reason there’s a lot of tiredness in play.  Now, there is an alarm set for 3:30 p.m.  “Rest” after that is not unusual. Perhaps it was the chat with the lady (aimless babble, not anything of value, is the norm), but it was decided to not wait until after 3:30 p.m.  The alarm was tossed on the bed to be shut off when it sounded.  And, after waking up fifteen minutes later, it seemed as if it was an hour of rest.  After turning over, it really was an hour of rest; it seemed like fifteen minutes.  (?)  The errands lady wasn’t called. 

Seasonal shifts can be early. 


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