Much of the morning was in uncertain thought.  Should there be an order from the local drug store?  Since the errands lady had no car or telephone at last report, temporary measures immediately came to mind. All the important mail was picked up, so that could be left for a week. Emergency food can always come from the pizza place while the drug store has paper products.  At first guess, there was enough stuff to last until next week.  But, as yesterday progressed, it seemed otherwise. 

The primary disinfectant is alcohol, and the coughing, drippy nose, etc., puts it into constant use just for that.  It’s used for cleaning as well. The supply looked okay yesterday, but not after this morning. The telephone connection would cost a dollar.  There’s delivery fee of three dollars.  As the prices are slightly higher, cost-efficiency is not there.  If it’s included in a grocery list, the total cost of a quart of alcohol is about two dollars (plus tax).  It’s even okay to add just a little water to stretch it out. 

The drug store was called. It didn’t hurt to get some hand lotion as well.  There would be no taking it easy today as a follow up to the state of agitation created by yesterday’s inspection.  The only good element about it is that over-all less money was spent for the week which might put more costs into next month’s income.  September has one less day to cover cost-wise.  It also doesn’t hurt to keep a customer account at the drug store active, even if it is only on rare occasions.  Some businesses do know their customers. 

There are four basic needs….  


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