There Must Be Something In The Air

The day, of course, based on last week, had been set aside for the homemaker aide services already done for the week. While what to do about things like trash accumulation and the glaring white spots (actually very light beige but they might as well be white) in view on the rug was in mind (there is an inspection coming), the cell phone played it’s tune.  That is never answered, but there are a few rare messages from the wireless company.  There is a look to learn who or what might be calling. 

The call was sent by the lady set to do the errands on Friday.  She was immediately called back and it was learned that a) the battery for her car was dead (might be parked in front of an office) and b) her telephone was set for disconnection come morning.  When they (or either) would be back in working order was unknown.  In short, there will be no errands run on Friday. The grocery advertising has little of special interest, and from the looks of things what’s around should last until next week; so, it’s okay, but…. 

The internet connectivity being dead, there was no doing anything online, and with four blog entries lined up in the tray in wait, it also seemed pointless to try to do more commentary until those were in place (this is being written on Wednesday, August 10).  Being at a loss as to which way to go (and not really being in shape to do too much about the rug), most of the rest of the day – in the hope that at least the thinking of what to do was sorted out – was spent with computer games.  Not much was sorted out. 

Sometimes what happens can’t be helped. 


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