A Day Of The Unexpected

How short-lived some plans can be is amazing. It seems like it was 12:15 p.m. when a connection materialized and the commentaries awaiting such a thing got posted.  About six hours later it was gone again, just as a piece of email was about to be sent. Retry got tried and tried and tried; three copies got sent and some went to draft. (That does give an excuse to call and apologize.)  An associate of several years who’s been quite helpful said he’s retiring, and he is expected to be leaving Covington. 

Well, the day was “drastically” interrupted.  As your truly was about to see about lunch, there came a knock on the door.  Homemaker aide was on the outside of it.  Last week she came Tuesday.  It was assumed she would again come on Tuesday.  Well, she didn’t.  As indicated, that business is not dependable.  Nothing was ready but the three bags of trash.  She did clean a bunch of spots off the rug. The stuff used doesn’t really clean it, it just sort of masks it.  There was a lot of stain that may have come from the scooter wheels. 

The inspection’s on Thursday. There are two days for some kind of a mess to develop.  Being exceptionally breathless didn’t help with the day’s doings, either.  There’s been a lot of tiredness in the last couple of days, and the original intent for the afternoon was to look into medical services again.  There is still an important email to get out that has been sitting for more than a week now.  Losing friends isn’t good.  One at a distance is dying of cancer.  The cheery card has been sitting for a week. 

Being able to switch this for that is good.  


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