Adjusting To A Visitor

The timing of things was off today. It was kind of misjudged first of all in regard to the lobby trip. Well, the weekly advertising did have to be picked up as the helpful lady needed to be called later to go into when might be a good time to run the errands, especially since the inspection was due on Thursday, the more common day. There was some conflict over the matter of going to get the ads – if yours truly was down in the lobby, the friendly visitor might be missed, a thing realized only upon starting to go downstairs. 

It did all work out all right in the end, as there were two trips to the basement (the visitor’s first stop is in the library to see about some things there).  The running around did use up scooter energy. That part wasn’t so all right; but, the advertising got picked up, contact with the visitor did take place (although the system is far from any practical routine) the lady to do the errands did get called.  So, the things to be done did get done.  One thing not in the best of order was the internet connectivity. 

Now, the loss of online service can cause other problems.  At hand, sitting in the tray in the evening were four commentaries to be put in place as soon as there was connection.  With the display set two per blog (two is not too inconvenient to read), there was a question as to whether to write more.  There’s never a certainty about when the connection might take hold again.  It can be a couple of weeks before it happens.  It was decided to not write anything else until those four got posted.  It’s all out of whack again. 

Disorder is annoying.


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