Another Resident On “The List”

August 6, 2011, began with the now age old problem of not having an adequate connection to the internet.  Email, the headlines and a couple of message boards got a look via cell phone mobile unit.  A deciding factor in how much looking there is comes down to fingers and how much “power” there is left in them.  There wasn’t much in the way of looking, but today there was a second reason.  Another resident (as seemingly has been mentioned) expressed an interest in doing some of the cleaning.  She was expected. 

So, there was a fast look online, a fast downing of breakfast earlier than usual, a fast trip to the lobby (skipping the in house mail box as it was too early for the mail carrier to have been around) and a fast rest period all by noon.  And, it was taking a chance as scooter re-charging was part of the sure order of the day. The woman was supposed to come at 1:00 p.m. The woman did not show. The ten bucks has been returned to ready cash.  The woman is now among the residents that it’s best to avoid.  There are about nine of them.

As it had to be assumed the housekeeping help would show, plans included her hauling out the current trash; three bags of trash got tied up.  Well, that doesn’t have to be done come Tuesday. Since a re-charge was in order, around 2:00 p.m. (after lunch) the scooter got connected up.  Apart from the early check online, none of this stuff is in the usual time frame, and the only positive thing about it is the three bags of trash that got packed and set ready for getting rid of it.  And, there’s no counting on internet connection later. 

Working with what’s available can be an art.      


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