New Errands’ Day

As with yesterday’s entry, the writing is being done after the fact as it wasn’t possible before now. Fortunately, the lady willing to do the errands sent a text message to call her to make sure of the time to come as it had been 10:00 a.m. and it was best to make it 11:00 a.m. instead. With the unexpected homemaker aide on Tuesday to upset expectations (and the scooter energy to some extent), plus a stop about two hours earlier than expected by the friendly visitor, nothing was in order for the errands. 

By noon time the month’s checks were in hand, an ample supply of alcohol and water were at hand, some other useful groceries were at hand and yours truly and Virginia had an understanding we’d be doing the same thing next week.  The housekeeping inspection by the building management is set for the coming Thursday and until this paragraph was started, it was completely forgotten in regard to the errands.  There is without a doubt a value in these fabulous commentaries.  …Must figure things again. 

Now that the errands aren’t being done under the limitations of the servicing agency, it may be more expensive, but a few extra things may get done.  It was really bad when it was necessary to deal with the agency that put stringent limits on the service, like a fifty dollar limit on the buying – a carton of cigarettes runs between thirty and forty dollars, so what’s left for eats?  A lot of stuff was gotten from the drug store (which no longer carries food).  And, the reason that agency griped was taking a personal check to the bank for cash.

Things can always get worse.  


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