A Friendly Visitor

Okay, like it or not, it’s August 5, 2011, a Friday, and this entry’s a few notes for August 3, just like it says on the dateline.  Maybe the dateline should be eliminated, but that would rather defeat at least part of the purpose of the thing. The event for August 3, which was a Wednesday, was to get to see if the “friendly visitor” arrangement was all set up. The nice man is set to stop by and see if yours truly is okay (still alive) on Wednesdays at around 6:30 p.m. and also on Sundays a little after noon time. 

He came early as he wanted to stop in at the office.  Not only is it a sensible thing to let the management know someone is going to be going in and out (without mentioning it’s without a key to the door), but also to let them know there is someone who will check on all of the residents who are interested in such.  Sundays are no problem as he has been coming then for other reasons anyway.  Next week will be the real test, as the visit is to be after the office closes.  The word of this service has been started in circulation.

He’s a very nice gentleman who not only lives in the neighborhood but also has other family members living close by.  There’s been a real piece of luck in the matter as he’s also a helicopter pilot. Since that’s also in the picture, he seems to have been interested in the Aviation Trail stuff at hand.  He also didn’t know The Christophers were still active.  It’s certainly hoped this will work out.  The fact is, it’s quite possible to sit in the apartment for an entire week without seeing a soul except the homemaker aide if there is one. 

A start is the first step. 


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