New Things To Figure Out

The afternoon of August 2 arrived nicely, and yours truly got all set to do some things computer-wise, especially since there was some (a little) of that fabulous “connectivity.”  Pictures were not done.  All hope had be lost on the picture business, but some were still there and available.  Weblog commentaries are far behind, especially for The Diary’s Blog.  There’s email to answer from nearly two weeks ago, a special online friend far away.  While the grocery list needed at least a start, the due date is the fourth….

And, a knock came at the door.  There stood a little lady sent by a homemaker aide service agency – not the one discussed with ideas about five hundred dollar deposits, etc., but one from a couple of years ago that was written off as unworkable.  There was no notice of her coming, unless it’s in the mail which has yet to be picked up. Well, she was at the door for the purpose of spending two hours in homemaker aide services – not any errands, just cleaning up in the place.  There was no prior thought of what to have her do. 

There was no time for composition or pictures.  Scooter energy was used up with things like showing the young woman where the trash was to be deposited. The resident of the building who is supposed to come on Saturday for that cleaning was not at home, she has not been told she isn’t needed.  There’s ten bucks on the line there.  A possibility is to figure out something for her to do.  The little lady at the door may last a month – she’s six months pregnant. From what was visible, that baby’s already big. 

The elderly need to keep their minds occupied. 


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