Shifting To A New System

The chore of the day was to pay the rent.  It should be a chore of a good two minutes, a simple matter of maneuvering the scooter into the office and handing over the money order.  There needs to be a momentary pause to request a receipt and (ideally) watch while the person taking the money order jots down a note. As it seems there will be a “friendly visitor” on Wednesday evenings and Sunday soon after noon, a note to add to the bulletin board notice was added to the procedure.  …Take along scotch tape.   

The getting on the elevator took a pause as maintenance was down the hall checking on an apartment; one elevator was being held on the floor. Downstairs waiting there were about a half-dozen people in a waiting hubbub, some yelling down the hall.  (Many were there to see about the mail.)  Scootering amid the melee, it was possible to get to the office door, and no one was there. And, during the act of backing up, someone needed some scotch tape.  Outside, there was still yelling by one man. 

In the end, the notice got taped up, the rent got paid, the landlady was informed of the friendly visitor, the unfinished commentaries of July for here got posted and two more for The Diary’s Blog also got posted.  There are still several little chores that have not found any “doer.”  There’s a housekeeping inspection due August 11.  There is need to visit the office some days later to discuss the rent (once a year it may or may not be changed due to different things), and that notice got handed over today during the circus downstairs. 

Things can change suddenly.    


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