July Is Ending

Saturday – what happened Saturday, July 30, 2011?  That’s a good question this late afternoon Monday August 1, but maybe some will be remembered about what went on with a little attempt, just to at least keep notes in regard to events Saturday. It seems like the feel overall was that things were good enough for the moment, not for a long time, just for maybe a day or even two.  And, if things are that way, there’s a little time to catch up on one or two things that sit in wait for a spare moment. 

As is recalled, the in house mailbox was cleaned out, as usual, but the weekly advertising had not arrived at the time of the lobby trip. And, it seems there was a decided shortage of people around right then, too, not that it’s particularly bad, just interesting. The Diary’s Blog has been missing many days. Trying to get at least a couple of commentaries done for that was on the agenda.  Even if there is no connectivity, they can be written “just in case.”  And, it seems now like there was some time to look at a few things online. 

Given a moment, however, the big thing in mind and done was the “tell them off” letter to the homemaker aide service agency saying service denied unless…. Well, the “unless” had a good chance of an upfront payment of five hundred dollars at some point in time, and there’s no intention of doing any such thing – that’s the deposit that was expected by the medical service that might cough up a doctor reference.  While the email wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans (as is said), it felt good to send it. 

Old folks often need good stuff.


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