She came, just a little late, but she came, even though (unknown to yours truly) she had to take her baby to the hospital yesterday. Her little boy is two, not an infant, but that is still a baby.  It wasn’t to a local hospital – the doctor sent her to the hospital in Cincinnati that specializes in children.  Well, the baby is home under medical care so it should be all right. And, she did get twenty dollars for coming. However, from her description, the child was very agitated later.  It is a case of one has to trust the doctor. 

She came and hauled out the trash, went to the bank to bring back some cash (always handy), went to the gas station for a few things (the gas station is only about five blocks away), swept the rug well and notified the office about the light in the kitchen (scooter had to be re-charged before there could be any going anywhere and with it being Friday, the light would have been out all weekend if a trip to the office was done after the re-charging). Maintenance came to fix the light a couple of hours later. 

Come Friday night, things were in order enough to be considered a normal state of disorder. The trip outside was taken in the evening regardless of the fact that it was hot out there.  It was not the most efficient trip ever. There was intention of going to the basement for a soft drink that fell by the wayside, and that was mild.  There was a nightmare last night that was strangely replayed late today a little differently; but, in a related way – cause unknown. The computer’s barely operational and tummy is upset again. 

Peace can be priceless.  


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