What Day Is It?

Thursday – was there a Thursday?  Yes, of course there was. It was bad all day. To start with, two letters needed to be written, one for the bank and one other.  The one for the bank did not get written, although, technically there was all day to do it. Both were due to be ready for tomorrow (Friday) but it was such a confused time that it wasn’t realized the one was not to be mailed in the evening.  It was to be mailed tomorrow evening.  And, that’s only in regard to what was supposed to be done, not what happened. 

As per “suggestion,” the assigning agency was called in regard to a homemaker aide.  It wasn’t really a suggestion, as what yours truly was told was there wouldn’t be any more information until today. It was quite deliberate that there was no call to the office promptly at 8:05 a.m.  It was assumed the matter was screwed up, that there would be no agreeable report (there wasn’t); there was no sense in starting the day in a state of agitation, so the call to find out what’s what was delayed until almost noon. 

What was not anticipated was “suggestions” about how to fulfill the service agency requirement of a physician’s name (for getting a rug swept!) or the promise of a closed account. People getting services are the least of anyone’s concerns.  There wasn’t a lot of certainty about that before.  There is now.  Everything said is incidental, like “lease requirement” is meaningless.  One has choices, like go rent a place that has no such requirements, as if one simply whistles to get such a thing all settled.  There was no calming down later.

Tomorrow is always a new world.  


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